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[Posted on February 12, 2008 - 1:30 PM]
My futile search for an online travel startup that actually can make money while improving users' vacation or business trips in some meaningful way continues tomorrow night. TripIt and YowTrip will present their services during a five minute demo on stage at San Francisco's Mighty Club. I've used TripIt and can't figure out why it's useful. I would have given up on it if not for the startup's formidable founding team. YowTrip looks to be more useful than TripIt's business travel services but much less likely to turn a profit. 

The four other companies presenting offer services for online publishers. Of the quartet, I'm most excited about seeing Triggit, a web page editor for idiots. I consider myself to be an expert in their target market segment and am sure there are a lot of others out there like me. Another promising startup to present at the meetup organized by SF New Tech is ClickTale, which takes a fresh approach on web site analytics. Blogbard and Utterz round out the demos. To attend the event, register here.   - Joshua Jaffe

Joshua Jaffe is general manager of

From: Zach Coelius,

I hope we live up to your expectations. Come say hi after the demos I would love hear what you think.


From: Joshua Jaffe Author Profile Page,

Will do, Zach.

From: Tige,

I'm surposed you don't see the utility in Tripit. It's one of the new services I actually use the most. I saw them present at Web 2.0, tried it, and have really liked it.

For me the value is being able to forward emails from airlines, car rental services, hotels, etc. and having them show up automatically as entries in my iCal calendar - low hassle & high utility. Pretty cool and pretty useful to me.

In fact, my disappointment is that they do not support more email formats (they say they are expanding but I have forwarded formats from a few semi-obscure travel services I use and they are still not supported).

I think it's a great service.

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